Who do Children live with after Divorce

In most cases the parents will decide how much time the children will spend with each of them (sometimes through mediation). But, in the relatively few cases where parents cannot agree, then the court can be asked to decide by making a child arrangements order.

What Is A Child Arrangements Order?

Child arrangements orders regulate with whom a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact and when a child will live, spend time or otherwise have contact with a person. Orders can include.

  • How much time the child should spend with each parent (residence and contact orders)
  • How any particular disagreement (e.g. disputes over education or other aspects of the child’s upbringing) should be dealt with (a specific issue order)
  • Anything that one or both parents may not do in relation to the child (e.g. taking the child to certain places or bringing the child into contact with a particular person) (a prohibited steps order

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