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WillsUnderstandably, many people defer decisions about making Wills always intending to do it ‘some day’. Some rely on a ‘DIY will’, choosing not to take professional advice from a solicitor.

The hard fact is that if you do not make decisions about how your property will be disposed of after your death then someone else will. The rules that operate if someone dies without leaving a will are called ‘the intestacy rules’.
These are archaic and even in a ‘simple’ situation where a married person dies it is not always the case that the Husband/Wife inherits the whole estate.

The situation can be even more unsatisfactory where cohabiting couples are concerned and/or where not all the children in the household are the natural offspring of both parties.

By making a Will you have control over the destination of your estate. You choose which persons will act as executors (i.e. the individuals who facilitate the administration of your estate) and you choose who will act as guardians for your children if they are under 18.

We can advise on all these issues and, equally, we can advise on how to avoid your estate paying tax unnecessarily.

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