Will Writing and Review

Everybody should make a Will so as to properly record their instructions for the disposition of their estate and to protect the future of their family.

A professionally drawn Will, will ensure that your chosen loved ones will be provided for, suitable Executors/Trustees have been appointed, guardians are in place for any minor children and that the Will is as tax efficient as possible.

Wills are important for everybody but particularly unmarried couples since a surviving unmarried partner does not have the same legal inheritance rights as a surviving Husband or Wife.

Many people think that making a Will is a very simple process.  Sometimes that can be the case but, very often, bespoke solutions are required to ensure that all dependants are adequately provided for. 

We will take the time necessary to ensure that you put the right solution in place.

Once made a Will should be kept under regular review. Your property and assets will change over time, as will your personal interests and relationships. We suggest that you carry out a general review of your Will every 3-5 years. However, there are certain life events that can occur where we strongly recommend that you seek advice on how your Will might be affected and whether any changes need to be made.

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