As a rural firm we have a strong agricultural department and a large client base derived from the local farming community.

Modern farming is becoming increasingly complicated and highly regulated. Farmers are busy and need practical, businesslike and cost effective advice and we provide that. We advise over a range of different areas including property, financial and commercial transactions. We have a long established farming client base which ranges from small, family owned farms to large scale commercial farming enterprises.

By concentrating on building personal relationships over many years, and often through successive generations, we gain understanding of our Clients needs and priorities.

For your convenience, we offer meetings in any of our three offices or virtual meetings online, to save on travel time.

We are presently using “zoom” which works very well and can accommodate meetings with several people in different locations if necessary. It is free to use and can easily be downloaded onto a PC or mobile phone. We will organise your meeting and e-mail you a link shortly beforehand so you will just need to click to be connected.