Our priority is to give the best possible service and value for money to all our clients. The feedback that we get suggests that we the overwhelming majority of our clients think that we achieve this. Nevertheless, we are not complacent and we constantly strive to improve our service.

Receiving negative feedback is never pleasant but if a client feels that we have fallen short then it is important that we should know so that we can try to restore confidence, put things right if possible and discuss within the firm how we can do better in future.

If you have a comment on our service (whether positive or negative) please let us know. You can address this to any member of the firm in the first instance in whatever way you choose although the clicking here is as good a way as any.


A complaint is an expression by a client of dissatisfaction with the service provided by the firm where the client clearly requires the firm to investigate their concerns. Complaints can be received by e-mail, letter, telephone or in person at a meeting. If the complaint is made by telephone or in a meeting the client should be invited to submit full details of the claim in writing. If the client cannot or will not do so then a note of the issues raised by the client will be made and that note will form the substance of the complaint.

Upon being notified of the complaint the person dealing with the case will try to resolve the matter personally. If this is not possible he/she will immediately notify the Director to whom he/she reports who will decide (within 7 days) whether to attempt to resolve the complaint in an informal manner and, if appropriate, will contact the Client.

If the Director concerned does not consider it appropriate to attempt to resolve the complaint of if any such attempt is unsuccessful then he/she will immediately pass the complaint to the Director responsible for handling complaints within the firm.

The Director responsible for handling complaints is Dervla Nash. She is based at our Shepton Mallet Office.  Her telephone number is 01749 330330. Her e-mail address is

Dervla will acknowledge the complaint within 7 days of being informed that a complaint has been made requesting any further information that might be required and providing an estimate of the date by which she expects to be in a position to reply fully. Such date shall not be more than 28 days from the date of the acknowledgement.

Dervla will fully consider the case file and speak to the members of staff concerned and anyone else that she considers appropriate. He will then report back to the person who has made the complaint with the firm’s response and thereafter take such steps as she considers necessary to resolve the complaint.

In the event that a complaint is made about Dervla Nash that complaint will be dealt with by Gareth Reynolds.

If the person who has made the complaint remains dissatisfied he/she will be advised of his/her entitlement to complain to the Legal Ombudsman whose contact details are:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806

0300 555 0333

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