Probate & Administration of Estates

We can assist with all aspects of probate and administration of estates including:

  • Helping with immediate task such as advising on registration of death, informing you of the terms of the Will or advising you of the position if there is no Will and providing initial guidance as to the necessary action required.
  • Identifying and collecting in the assets and liabilities in the estate.
  • Advising upon the Inheritance Tax and other tax related issues.
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate of Letters of Administration
  • Selling or transferring assets
  • Settling liabilities
  • Contacting and communicating with beneficiaries and paying out monies due
  • Finalising tax returns with the authorities as required
  • Preparing any Deeds of Variation or other documents that might be helpful to mitigate tax now or in the future

It is important that anyone who takes on the position of Personal Representative understands that they are personally liable to ensure that the estate is administered properly.  Unless you are an expert it is very unwise to undertake this task (in all but the simplest cases) without appropriate professional advice.

  • Legal costs incurred by a Personal Representative are payable from the estate.
  • Just because the terms of a Will are straightforward that does not mean that the administration of an estate will be straightforward.
  • Administration of Estates is an unregulated activity. This means that any person or organisation can claim to offer the service even if the people who undertake the work are unqualified.  This can have serious consequences for Personal Representatives and beneficiaries particularly if something goes wrong and the Firm concerned does not have adequate indemnity insurance.  Any work carried out by Solicitors is regulated by the SRA and you can expect high standards and accountability.

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