Contentious Probate

Sadly there are some occasions when a dispute arises over a persons will following their death. Such disputes can become very emotional.

Dervla Nash is an expert in dealing with ‘contentious probate’ and is a member of the Association of Contentious Trust And Probate Specialists (known as ACTAPS). She works with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome whilst, at the same time recognising the need to minimise damage to family relationships and to keep costs proportionate.

In some cases close family members or persons who were being maintained by the deceased can make a claim under the Inheritance Act on the basis that they were entitled to expect provision. The category of persons who can make such a claim on this basis is narrow. However, it is not the only basis upon which a claim can be made.

In some cases it can be alleged that a Will is not technically valid (because it has not been executed properly).

In other cases there can be disputes over what the wording of the Will actually means. This is particularly the case where people make ‘homemade Wills’.

In other cases it can be alleged that the person making the Will did not fully appreciate or understand its contents or indeed that they were placed under undue pressure or duress by those around them at the time.

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