Our policy is to be as transparent as possible about charges at every stage of the process.

However, we are not “call centre” lawyers with “one size fits all” service and charging structure. We recognise that cases that appear quite similar can in fact be different and the amount that you have to pay will depend on many things including the complexity of the case, the timescale within which the work has to be concluded and the level of service that we have agreed with you.

In general our charges are calculated by multiplying the amount of time that we spend by the hourly rate of the fee earner who carries out the work. So, to provide an estimate of the likely cost we have to predict the amount of time that we shall need to spend. This is sometimes difficult because we do not know, at the outset, what issues are likely to arise.

It is important to note that we charge only for time spent working on files by fee earners so, for example, we do not charge separately for the time spent by secretaries and support staff who often deal with telephone and email enquiries, type correspondence and documents and so on. The cost of this overhead is included within the hourly rate.

The current hourly rates that apply to our fee earners are:-

Directors – £240.00
Solicitors/Legal Executives/Conveyancers with +8 years experience – £240.00
Solicitors/Legal Executives/Conveyancers with +4 years experience – £210.00
Other Solicitors/Legal Executives/Fee earners – £195.00
Trainee Solicitors/Associate Legal Executives – £175.00

Quite often a potential Client will ask us whether it is in his/her interests to engage a fee earner who is less experienced and whose hourly rate is therefore lower.

If we consider that a junior fee earner can easily deal with your work, then of course, we will pass it to him/her but it makes sense to pass more complex work to senior fee earners whose wealth of knowledge and experience will enable them to complete the work more efficiently, in less time so that the cost is no more (and sometime less) than if somebody with less knowledge and experience had undertaken the work. We will discuss the allocation of the work with you when you instruct us.

For information about the cost of the various services that we offer please go to those pages.

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