EmploymentIf you have been dismissed or your employer has treated you in such a manner that you are left with no option but to leave (often called “Constructive Dismissal”) you may be entitled to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal.

If you have been dismissed from your employment we suggest that you contact us immediately since such claims are time limited. We can evaluate the evidence with you and help you to achieve the most successful outcome possible.  Sometimes, the employer will negotiate a settlement of your claim but on other occasions, particularly when large amounts of money are involved we may advise you to proceed to a hearing. We can help you to prepare your evidence, draft witness statements and prepare other documents in support of your claim.

We will be commercial and pragmatic in our advice at all stages and ensure that costs incurred are proportionate to the likely benefit.

For an initial discussion about how we can assist you organisation it address any of the above an other employment law issues, please contact any of our offices or send us a message using the contact form on the right of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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