Merry Christmas

By now our decorations will be up, the gift wrapping begins and our fridges are
beginning to bulge with all sorts of festive treats.

Amongst the mayhem of Christmas and New Year we hope that you are able
to enjoy time spent with loved ones, which we are sure you’ll agree is what
Christmas is really about.at thought is a timely reminder of those who are
not so fortunate and we hope that some of you are able to bear a thought, and
perhaps lend a hand, to some of the more lonely and vulnerable people within
our community.

A quick visit on Christmas Day, or the offer to pop to the shop in bad
weather, may only take a moment of our time, but could mean the world to
someone else. As a 3rm we too try to do our best to accommodate the needs of
our clients, whether that is by offering a home visit, or by tailoring our service
to meet their circumstances.

Though we will soon be in the often bleak months of January and February,
we are optimistically looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2017. It is
surprising how quickly a year passes and we wonder whether any New Year’s
resolutions will be made – and possibly quickly forgotten! At BGW we intend
to continue to work with our existing clients, for whose loyalty we are most
obliged and we hope also to meet some new faces along the way.

If BGW can help you achieve your aims this year, whether it be to purchase
a new house, or sort out those legal affairs buried on a “to do’ list”, please get in

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