BGW Babies

The BGW maternity unit is still in full swing. This time Kelly Charles has had a handsome first baby, Charlie, who seems to be glued to her hip, leaving her learning to do everything with her opposite hand. He is already known in the firm as Tarquin, but judging by his disapproving expression when he heard, the joke is wearing thin.

The next candidates are Kayleigh, from our Glastonbury office, and Gemma, from the Castle Cary office, who have some weeks to wait for their second babies.

Leading on from there, once people decide to settle down together and/or start a family and particularly if one or both of them own a house, a business or other substantial assets, it is wise to consult a solicitor about a cohabitation
agreement or pre-nuptial agreement. It enables you to set out some agreed ground rules. It is often difficult for
a couple to bring up the subject after they have been living together for some time. Don’t put it off; if you need to consider it, do it soon. We are always happy to help.

Six-week Indian summer coming up?

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