Summer Time and the living is easy…

The summer of 2014 is being kind so far with several weeks of warm, sometimes really hot, weather broken only by the traditional rain over the Glastonbury Festival weekend. Sadly, Andy Murray was unable to retain the men’s singles title at Wimbledon and the less said about the world cup the better but finally the England cricket team is back on form and perhaps best of all, Cheddar Valley’s own Jos Butler, the new England batsman/wicket keeper, performed superbly in his test match debut.

The property market has also been forging ahead and it is easy to forget that only a couple of years ago it was in deep recession. As yet, there is no immediate sign of the market overheating.
However, as I am writing this the storm clouds are gathering and it looks as if we are in for a few days rain and unsettled weather – a timely reminder that even when the sun is shining, it’s best to be prepared.

So what should we all be doing in the good times to provide for future difficulties?
We encourage all our clients to make a will. The consequences of dying intestate are well known but still many people put this off. Whether it’s because you’d rather avoid the subject or it just slips off the to-do list, it is worth making it a priority. Clients that do find it’s a relief it have it out of the way.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is another document that can save a great deal of distress. Effectively, this appoints a person or persons to manage your affairs in the event that you should, in future, be incapable of doing so yourself. Many find this even more unpalatable than making a will. No one likes to think that one day by reason of accident or illness they may have to leave the management of their affairs to others but, of course, this does happen and if you haven’t appointed someone to act for you, the decision will be out of your hands.

We are pleased to find we are now preparing large numbers of both so the message does seem to be getting across. If you would like to discuss this, or know anyone else who might wish to do so, then please do get in touch.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the test series and here’s to a lovely August. For those of you off on your holidays, I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time.

Gareth Reynolds